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Meadows has always been committed to providing you the best quality products and offering lifetime support on our products. Head over to About Us to learn more about our entrance back into our Agriculture line!

Farm Duty Equipment


Meadows Farm Duty attachments line is made up primarily of 3 point hitch tractor attachments designed to work with tractors up to 75hp.  All rear tractor attachments in the Farm Duty line include accommodations for CAT I, CAT I quick attach and CAT II three point hitch connections.  These attachments are designed to exceed the performance and durability of comparable attachments provided by your host machine OEM and other aftermarket providers. Click the button below to learn more and look at our Farm Duty Attachments!

Heavy Duty Equipment


 Products bear the label “HD” in this lineup for one of two reasons.  Three point hitch attachments in this lineup are designed to work with tractors up to 110 horsepower.  Some products like our pallet forks are offered in multiple capacities and those forks rated for 5500#/pair or higher are designated HD because of capacity. Click the button below to learn more about our Heavy Duty Attachments!

Pro-Line Equipment


More about our Pro-line Equipment is coming soon! Click the button below to see our Pro-Line Attachments!



Our Meadows Mills Accessories include an array of Bolt-On Teeth, Toothbars, Universal Skid Steer Hitch Plates (male and female), and Third Function Hydraulic kit. Click the button below to explore these products!