Blank Hitch Universal Skid Steer- Pro Line

Blank Hitch Pro-line Universal Skid Steer



Meadows Mills can provide Pro-Line (female) hitch plates for both Universal Skid Steer hitches and Alo (Euro/global) hitches. Our heavy duty plates provide for increased durability, and their single-piece construction allows for easy alignment. Identify one straight line for the top edge and alignment is ensured. Our design features a continuous top rail that extends across the full length of the skid steer plates, adding strength and more area to safely add gussets. The single-piece backing plate has slots for plug welding on skid steer and Alo plates that are angled to ensure our customers can find a weld surface on any attachment. Our plates are constructed with 5/16 backing material to prevent warping when welded. These hitches are tested to fit with male skid steer or Alo adapters after.

Blank Hitch Universal Skid Steer- Pro Line Brochure