Single Tine Sub Soiler With Break Away

Single Tine Subsoiler With Break Away






The Meadows Farm Duty Single Tine Sub-Soiler is an impressive and durable attachment in an application that is often met with disposable equipment.  This is not a disposable sub-soiler.  Meadows fully believes that most folks want to buy this type of attachment one time and would prefer to get one that will work for years of service.  This Sub-Soiler includes the same strong, clevis type hitch attachments as all of the products in the Farm Duty line attaching to CAT I, CAT I QA and CAT II three point hitch connections.  The unit has a 23” depth of cut, a heavy 3” tubing crossbar and the shank is made from two laminated 3/8” plates giving the long portion of the shank a ¾” thick by 6” wide profile.  Compared to the industry standard 5/8×4 flat bar there is simply no real comparison.  The heavy shank is attached to a 3/8” foot made by Meadows of Astralloy 4800 allow material giving it superior wear characteristics over common, imported forged sub-soiler feet.  The foot is reversible and is attached with 2 carriage bolts for easy reversal and replacement.  Should your application happen to produce a snag hard enough to damage the sub-soiler or host machine, the Meadows Sub-Soiler is designed with a grade 2, hex bolt in the top link bracket that will shear before damaging the attachment and the shank will pull forward up and over the snag.  Simply replace the shear bolt with another ½”X4-1/2” grade 2 bolt and go back to work. Serious contact is required to be of any concern to the attachment, so a serious shear pin is required.  There are a host of ways to make use of a single shank sub-soiler from tilling a garden to burying pipe.  If you need to loosen dirt with your tractor, a sub-soiler should be one of your tools.

Single Tine Sub Soiler With Breakaway