Teeth and Tooth Bars




Teeth and Tooth Bars









Bolt-On Teeth

Meadows Mills offers bolt-on teeth that are essential for buckets that will regularly be used for digging. These teeth will provide the most effective option for digging with your tractor or skid steer bucket. The bolted connection is secure, much more durable than a tooth bar, and is preferred over weld-on tooth shanks because the entire tooth can be replaced without cutting if you are operating in abrasive soil that wears both the tip and the shank. If you use your bucket primarily for digging, you should consider up fitting with our bolt-on teeth.

One-Piece Small Bolt-On Teeth

Meadows Mills offers solid, one-piece bolt-on teeth for compact and standard capacity Ag buckets with ½” cutting edges. The one-piece small teeth bolt onto pre-drilled cutting edges with two grade 8 hex bolts. Not only are these teeth effective in breaking up compacted bulk material, but they can also be utilized for light digging and grading performed with a compact utility tractor or a mid-size Agricultural or industrial tractor.

230 Bolt-On Teeth

Meadows Mills’ 230 Bolt-On Teeth fit all Pro-line digging buckets with pre-drilled 5/8” cutting edges, as well as any bucket with a 5/8” or ¾” cutting edge and the correct hole pattern. The 230 Bolt-On Teeth are attached using two 5/8” plow bolts and are heavy duty for the toughest digging and grading applications. The replaceable 23 series steel tips attach to these teeth by a heavy-duty, side-type flex pin.

Tooth Bars

Our bolt-on tooth bars provide an operator with the ability to add teeth quickly by installing two bolts on the bucket. Tooth bars easily transform a loading and grading bucket into a digging bucket, in addition to adding provided assistance in loading applications where material needs to be loosened in order for more efficient bucket-filling. Care should be taken, however, to avoid backdragging with a tooth bar installed.

Compact Tooth Bar

Meadows Mills can produce Compact Tooth Bars for any bucket up to 72” inside width with a ½” cutting edge. These tooth bars will be made ½” less than the inside measurement that is customer provided, then tabs are shimmed to create a tight fit. In order to attach the Compact Tooth Bar to your NON-MEADOWS bucket, you must drill a hole in the bucket’s side plate. However, the Meadows Mills Compact and Standard Capacity Ag Buckets (up to 72”) are manufactured with pre-drilled holes in the side plate to accommodate our Compact Tooth Bar. These tooth bars have 2A side pin replaceable tips that are retained with round rollpins. The Meadows Mills Compact Tooth Bar is great for light digging and breaking up compacted material.

Heavy Duty Tooth Bar

Meadows Mills’ Heavy Duty Tooth Bar can fit up to a ¾” cutting edge on Ag and digging buckets up to 84” inside width. Just as with the Compact Tooth Bar, this product will be made ½” less than the inside measurement that is customer provided. Tabs are then shimmed to create a tight fit. Our Heavy Duty Tooth Bars have 23 series shanks with flat bottom steel tips that are attached by heavy duty, side type flex pins. This product is durable enough to withstand digging in compacted clay.

Extended Shank Tooth Bar

The Meadows Mills Extended Shank Tooth Bar is specifically designed for use on buckets that already have a bolt-on cutting edge. This product can fit up to a 1 ½” combination of welded and bolt-on cutting edges on Ag and digging buckets up to 84” inside width. We manufacture this product ½” less than the inside measurement provided by the customer. Tabs are then shimmed to create a tight fit. Our Extended Shank Tooth Bar also features 23 series flat bottom side type flex pins attaching them to the extended cast steel shanks.