Three Tine Sub Soiler

Three Tine Subsoiler with Adjustable Tine Height







The SBSHD372 Sub-Soiler has an HD rating for up to 110hp host machines.  It connects easily to CAT II, CAT II QA and CAT III host machines with laminated ¾” thick clevis type hitch pockets.  This hitch setup means that all 3 pins are retained by a full 1-1/2” of steel thickness in the clevis.  The Heavy Duty Three Tine Sub-Soiler has tines spaced evenly with one center tine and outer tines spaced on 35” centers for 70” spacing from the centers of the outside tines.  Shanks are ¾” x 6” and are adjustable in height for depths of cut from 15-1/2” to 23-1/2” in 2” increments.  The shank feet are of Astralloy 4800 material and are reversible.  Reversal or replacement is easy using two carriage bolts per foot.  Shanks are supported against a pair of 1-7/16” support rods for superior strength and the unit is tied together with a frame of 4x4x3/8” wall tubing and 2x4x1/4” wall tubing.  Tines can be removed to operate with only 2 or 1 shank at a time by removing the height adjusting pin and lifting the attachment with the host machine lift arms.  The SBSHD372 is heavier than it has to be and is designed to last for generations, not seasons.

Three Tine Sub Soiler Brochure